A short poem on Courage:

Courage to be stand out.

Courage to be different.

Courage to love.

Courage to love.

Courage to trust.

Courage to accept that you have courage.

Courage & Fear

Accept or not…

We all have FEAR and Courage within us. Fear keeps us safe.

Courage makes us grow.⁣⁠
And the fact is we need both to stay alive…⁣⁠
But only one helps you FEEL ALIVE.⁣⁠
The truth is, if you want to do something different or enter this crazy world you must be courageous.
So, it’s better to feed your courage…
⁣ ⁣⁠
Keep going and feed forever. ⁣⁠




I have learned to listen more…

I have learned to talk less.

Yes, I have learned to talk less.

I remain silent.

I don’t finish others’ sentences.

I don't jump to conclusion.

I don’t assume what others are trying to say.

I don’t get ahead of the conversation.

I just listen and listen.

I don’t need to prove anything.

And why i need to prove anything?

I listen. I keep listening. Listen some more.

And then I speak.